Copper Rectangle Patina Necklace

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Handcrafted copper pendant necklace. Annealed (heated with a gas torch), hammered, stamped, and repeated. Finished with a unique turquoise patina, and a protective sealant to preserve its unique look. Pendant is finished on both sides - wear which ever way you like best! Each pendant is hung from black waxed linen cord and is adjustable to any size with a sliding knot. The cord tassels feature small square copper charms with the same vibrant patina as the pendant, adding an extra detail to the back of the necklace. Each necklace is one of a kind, please allow some slight variances in design and color.

Care: Patina jewelry does require special care to retain the finish. Although sealed, the patina will change with wear. To protect the patina do not expose jewelry to water, chemicals, lotions, or soaps.

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