Mirabal Leather Tote

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We love this tote purse in every way. 

With a magnetic closure up-cycled fabric lining, this purse can fit everything you need and keep you looking - and feeling - classy. 

  • Vintage version has our original logo on a square patch on the outside
  • Vintage version has slightly thicker handle (approx. 1 cm)  with the stitching slightly more visible
  • Vintage version has a strap that will hang approximately .5"-1" lower than our updated version
  • Vintage caramel is darker and deeper brown than our updated version

Purse dimensions:  14" x 12" x 5" - 35.5cm x 30.4cm x 12.7cm

Leather Care:

It's easy and wise to take care of your leather accessories. Doing this gives you peace of mind AND makes your products age better and keep their beautiful shine.

We suggest the following:

1. Clean them with a cotton cloth or a soft bristled brush to wipe away dirt.

2. Apply leather conditioner with a soft cloth and rub thoroughly and evenly onto leather surface. Gently buff after a brief drying time.

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