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CAMPING HACKS: Tips to Make Sure You are a HAPPY CAMPER

  • Posted on
  • By Anna Duncan
CAMPING HACKS: Tips to Make Sure You are a HAPPY CAMPER

Tips to Make Sure You are a HAPPY CAMPER

1. STAY “DWF”--Dry, Warm, and Fed: Just like a newborn or an infant, you want to be dry, warm (enough), and fed while camping.  Packing the right clothes is the first step in a great direction for this. Pack layers--especially in the summer! It could be 80 or plus degrees during the day but when the sun goes down it’s a totally different story (I mentioned this in my hiking tips article)! Here are two of my favorite Green 3 options to bring as layers when camping.  I love our poncho for hanging out by the fire at night and my hands are always cold so I love our handwarmers. Check out my two favorites in the gallery at the end of the article!


2. Beat the Bugs:  Now that it’s getting colder (at least over here in the Midwest) we don’t have to worry about bugs too much but I always pack bug spray.  I also always, always, always pack an anti-itch remedy because no matter how much bug spray I have on, I always get bit! I have been into more holistic anti-itch remedies and discovered peppermint essential oil works wonders!  My bug bites usually swell up and turn into huge welts--I used peppermint oil an hour after I got bit and it took the itch away and the swelling went way down. Lavender essential oil works well too! (My favorite brand is Aura Cacia.)


3. Cosmetic Bag Must-Haves:  I pack as lightly as possible for camping trips.  I love the organic cotton cosmetic bag we sell in the store (it’s only $4.99!) and if it doesn’t fit in that bag--it’s not coming with me! Here’s a list of the essentials I pack!


4. Pre-plan All Your Meals:  This goes along with tip number 1--stay fed.  It’s awful to be super hungry only to fight about what’s for dinner around the campfire. I pre-plan all my meals when I’m camping.  I also measure out all the ingredients at home before I go. Packing only the amount you need for a recipe saves precious space!


5. Pack Clothes You Can Wear More Than Once:  Camping isn’t a fashion show, it’s more about functionality than style.  I like packing clothes that I can wear more than once, especially on long trips.  Sometimes this means I’ll pack darker colors or our reversible options. I love our reversible print leggings and skirts.  Wear one side one day, then flip it inside out the next!


Mid Century Fleece Poncho


Black Spacedye Handwarmers


Floral Damask Print Skirt Multi Birds/ Cross Hatch Leggings