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Sustainability in Style: Kitchen Goodies

  • Posted on
  • By Anna Duncan
Sustainability in Style: Kitchen Goodies

Think about how much waste we create in our kitchens--plastic saran wrap, sandwich bags, paper napkins, food packaging-- the list goes on and on. The reality is, all that stuff we throw away in our kitchen ends up somewhere like taking up precious space in our landfills. While there are some people who are successful living a “Zero Waste” lifestyle, sometimes it’s hard to even know how to take a step in the right direction. The truth is a lot of the waste we create in the kitchen is avoidable! Check out the list below of sustainable kitchen supplies to reduce your family’s waste!

1.  Beeswax Wraps: This is to replace your saran wrap/tin foil for wrapping up leftovers.  These wraps are durable and washable so you can keep reusing them! Pictured below, "Bee's Wrap" handcrafts their Beeswax Wraps in Vermont! (Available on Amazon, $11)




2.  Reusable Utensils: Chances are you don’t use single use plastic utensils at home but you probably throw them into your packed lunch! Check out these reusable bamboo utensils instead! Pictured below, Blulu sells this set (including reusable straws!) for $10.99.  (Available on Amazon)



3.  Mason Jars: Think of all the food you purchase from a grocery store that comes in some sort of packaging from cereal to salad mix to pasta.  We recommend buying food in bulk (like grains and cereal) and ditching the packaging! Take mason jars to the grocery store and fill up in the bulk section! These classic Ball mason jars are made in the USA! (Available on Amazon and at Target)



4.  Sustainable Sponges: I never thought that when I tossed out my sponges that they were not biodegradable and that parts of the sponge never disappear from landfills. Twist created a sponge that is completely biodegradable, no gross chemicals, glues, or dyes.  The sponges are hand sewn and are completely plant-based. (Available on Amazon)



5.  Reusable K-Cups: We love the convenience of Keurigs and being able to make just one cup of coffee. However we do not like how many k-cups get tossed out every day! Most of them are not recyclable and take up space in landfills and they’re made of plastic that takes sometimes up to 100 years to decompose! However, we are big fans of these reusable k-cups that are made in the USA! Pictured below, "Fill N Save" is one of the few companies that produce reusable K-cups that are manufactured in the USA. (They’re on sale on Amazon right now!) 




     Cutting down on waste and getting sustainable options into your kitchen is hard and honestly, overwhelming.  Hopefully this series will help you take some simple steps in making smarter choices to reduce your carbon footprint in your kitchen! Do you have tips you’d like to share? Let us know some of your favorite sustainable options for kitchen supplies in the comments below!