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  • Posted on
  • By Anna Duncan

 A unique aspect of our company is that not only are our products sustainably made but they are also all made in the United States.  We use different factories across the country to produce our product but one of our most special production partners is a non-profit organization named ASPIRO.

ASPIRO Inc. is a non-profit that works to help individuals of all ages with cognitive disabilities.  For 61 years the organization has worked to provide educational and employment opportunities . ASPIRO, originally “Brown County ARC”, was founded in 1957 by 67 parents of children with developmental disabilities.  They founded the organization to promote awareness in the local community of needs of people with cognitive disabilities and provide better education opportunities for children with developmental delays.


     The organization offers employment as well as recreational and day activities for people with cognitive disabilities.  Employment opportunities include assembly, collating, recycling, specialty piece work, pack & repack, as well as sewing.  Employees are able to participate in ASPIRO’s recreation program and leagues like their intramural sports, roller skating nights, and summer field trips.  


     We have been using ASPIRO’s cutting, sewing, and packaging services for more than a decade.  Here is our story with ASPIRO as told by Jim Martin for our customer profile available at aspiroinc.org.


     “We became aware of ASPIRO via news coverage of the scarves they produced for Barack Obama’s inauguration. At that time we      were looking for a contract sewer in the area and approached ASPIRO for the project. I was initially concerned regarding what the quality level would be. In less than 30 minutes of our first tour of the facility, my concerns were erased and I was overwhelmed by the emotions I was feeling. A mix of humility, compassion, and awe were blended with a myriad of other emotions too many to list. I knew at that point that not only was ASPIRO absolutely the proper partner from a business perspective, but that companies like ours had a responsibility to support this organization’s efforts. Since that time ASPIRO has become our “go to” partner for any and all types of projects. We consciously develop products that suit their client’s needs, as well as challenge them with projects that any other manufacturer would think twice about. Never once have we been disappointed. We look forward to not only continuing our relationship with ASPIRO, but growing it.”


     We have been nothing less than impressed and incredibly satisfied during our relationship with ASPIRO.  We are so happy to partner with them and support them. Check out the handwarmer gallery below, just a few of the beautiful pieces that ASPIRO has helped us create.

Lilac Spacedye Handwarmers Sock Monkey Handwarmers Coneflower Handwarmers