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Sustainability in Style

  • Posted on
  • By Anna Duncan
Sustainability in Style

One of the reasons Green 3 was founded was to bring style into sustainability. At the time our company was founded, sustainability wasn’t quite fashionable yet. The fashion industry was not yet head over heels with the idea of sustainability. Any apparel lines that were sustainable were typically basics because that section of the fashion industry was just getting off the ground.

  Since then there are hundreds of very stylish sustainability lines.  The trend of living sustainably is in full swing (although we hope it’s a trend that never leaves).  At Green 3, we do not want you to have to sacrifice your personal style for sustainability--we want you to have both!


     “Sustainability in Style” will be a series on the blog where we create guides for stylish sustainability.  There will guides for sustainably made home goods, accessories, shoes, you name it! So stay tuned for this awesome series!


For our first article we wanted to focus on what we know best--apparel! We put together three different outfits featuring some of our favorite pieces.  

Pattern Loving Enthusiast

Yogi on the Go

For Your 9-5