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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Weekend

  • Posted on
  • By Anna Duncan
 How To Make The Most Out Of Your Weekend

After a particularly stressful week at work, it’s easy to clock out Friday at 5 and want to go home and do nothing. Between school and work, at Friday at 5 I want to get home and watch Netflix in my pajamas until the sun comes up on Monday morning. So I am just as guilty of this as anyone! Even though it is important to take time to “veg” and “recharge”, there are some better activities to better prepare you for Monday morning! Here are my tips for making the most out of your weekend!

  1. GET OUTSIDE: There are proven physical and psychological benefits of spending time outside--better sleep patterns, better attention spans, and more! Never underestimate the power of mother nature.  It’s easy to burrow away in your house or apartment over the weekend, but go outside and try to get some Vitamin D! Take your pup on a longer walk, go on a hike, or a jog around your neighborhood.  

  2. EAT WELL: It’s easy to get home on a Friday night and begin a 72 hour binge on junk food.  On the weekends I would love to be buried under piles of pizza and chips, but I wake up Monday morning feeling gross if I don’t eat well.  I also try to eat mindfully over the weekend.  I try not to multitask when I eat! So I try not to eat potato chips while watching Netflix because before you know it, the whole bag is gone.  Eat to fuel your body! Eat lots of fresh, home cooked meals over the weekend so you feel ready for your week on Monday morning.

  3. ORGANIZE OR CLEAN: Everyone has that one junk drawer in their kitchen… tackle it this weekend!  I like to organize one corner of the house (maybe a closet, a junk drawer, etc.) on the weekend so I have a clean house come Monday.  You know what they say, “Clean space, clean mind!”.

  4. Turn OFF social media notifications: I have a unique job--my job is social media! I spend my whole week on facebook, Instagram, and twitter but even before I had this job I started turning off my notifications for my social media apps on the weekend.  I felt it helped me spend less time mindlessly scrolling! I also felt less overwhelmed by my phone when it wasn’t buzzing constantly with notifications.

  5. EXPLORE: I just moved to a whole new state so on the weekends I like to take time to explore a new town I haven’t been to yet! I even did this when I lived back in LA, the place I was born and raised.  It is a great way to find new local clothing stores, coffee shops, and all kinds of new favorites! I take three to four hours to explores something new every weekend. Sometimes it’s finding a new state park and going on a hike or walking down Main Street of a new town.  

When I take the time to really enjoy my weekend, I start my week feeling refreshed.  Tell us your favorite tips on making the most of your weekend!